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Hi, I'm Bryan. I do a lot of tech stuff and probably will write a lot about tech stuff. I also have interests in Behavioral Economics, Social Psychology and Game Theory. All the good nerdy interests.

Testing Out Multiple Income Streams

So after being recommended a huge amount of videos covering side gigs and entrepreneurs who've managed to make income through multiple income streams (damn you Youtube algo), I've decided to give a shot. Considering that even my current freelance gig has upfront and recurring costs (minimal to keep a phone number and registered address but still), I decided to try one of the schemes that have literally zero start up costs, only a time and effort investment. It's pretty much dropshipping but jus...
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Traefik, Docker and Cloudflare: A recipe for not having any idea how to get Real IP addresses

After much wrangling with Traefik plugins configs, and some good old trial and error, finally managed to find a way to restore original visitor IPs to my docker containers on a Cloudflare proxy + Traefik reverse proxy deployed in a docker container on a bridged network set up. The fact that Traefik in a docker container doesn't pass on client X-forwarded-for or X-Real-IP headers for reverse proxied requests, but instead substitutes them with docker bridged network IPs, is a bit unintuitive espe...
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